Aschwarden Mill, a two-story gallery hollander, was built in 1850.
Moorser Mühle


Blennerville Windmill is a tower mill in Blennerville, Co. Kerry.


Old trestle windmill in Mittelpöllnitz in Germany under restoration


Gallery holland Knapp mill in winter


The windmill Eickhorst – Storck`s Mühle is a Wall-Holländer with walled earth wall and two flap and sail wings and wind rose each.


Westgaster Mühle in Norden


Wallholländer mill in Petershagen-Seelenfeld – Wallholländer


Gallery holland windmill in Groß Wittensee in Germany


Gallery holland windmill in Rahden-Tonnenheide in Germany


Königsmühle Seelenfeld im Sonnenuntergang


Gallery holland windmill in Petershagen-Meßlingen in Germany


Wallholländer mill Holzhausen – Wallholländer


The windmill Holgate is a tower hollander wind mill in Holgate, York, North Yorkshire, England from the year 1770. The mill was completely windmahlfähig restored from 2003 to 2012 and is York’s last remaining windmill.


Gallery holland windmill in Petershagen-Meßlingen in Germany


The Bockwindmill in Dornum was built in 1626 and is the oldest preserved windmill in East Frisia.


Wallholländer mill in Minden-Meißen


The Wallholländer Scholten mill in Rees is one of the last preserved windmills with „Bilauschen Ventikanten“.


Gallery holland windmill Anna in Rieseby in Germany


Wegholmer mill in Petershagen-Friedewalde


Paltrockwindmühle Paray
Dammer mill in Schermbeck


The Arberger Mill


Wegholmer mill in Petershagen-Friedewalde – Wallholländer


Kageler Mühle in Minden, Mützel – Bockwindmühle


The Oberneuland Mill


Struckhof mill in Schnathorst – Wallholländer


The gallery hollander in Westerschepser Straße in Edewecht


Gallery holland windmill in in Germany


The dike mill Wagener in Norden


Greft mill in Hille – Nordhemmern – Wallholländer


Schweinsdorf mill is a single-storey gallery mill with codend and sail gate wings.


Wallholländer mill Veltheim – Wallholländer


Mühle Lehrer Heerstraße in Bremen